Guys and Girls Week with the Guats

Girls Week

Normally, the Guatamala and South Africa groups are only able to see each other once in a while, but on Girls and Guys Week, all the girls

get to spend a week together, and all the guys get to spend a week together. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other, as well as talk about purely “girl stuff” and “guy stuff”, in a context where everything is open and questions can be answered through the help of a speaker that gives us lectures over the course of the week.

Jana Enns

What mountain did you hike?

  Us girls went to the popular tourist sight of Lake Louis for our hike. We got to experience the beauty of the lake and were very shocked at the blueness of the water and the beautiful white and grey back drop behind it. The mountain we climbed had freshly packed snow on the trails and was ice the whole way up. All the slipping and sliding was worth it though for the amazing view up top.

What was your experience hiking this mountain?

  A couple of us went on a hike called the Little Beehive. It was a snowy hike and out in the open all the way to the top. It was also very steep, and coming from the prairies of Saskatchewan, it was a bit of a challenge. As I said before though, the view was worth it. When we finally reached the top we were looking over the whole mountain range and Lake Louis. It was absolutely breath taking. A couple of us sat at the edge of the cliff and just sat there, content, admiring God’s work. And all I could think was “if my mother could see me now…”

Was this your first time hiking a mountain?

  Even though I have grown up in Saskatchewan, I have climbed a couple mountains in my life. This hike was a little easier and more fun than the ones I have done before. This hike was a bit different as there were actual paths up until they broke off. And because it was a tourist sight, there were other people also hiking the main path with us. I have also never hiked up a mountain that was completely covered in ice and snow. Again, that was very interesting. One of our girls slipped and fell back only to found she had been caught by a complete stranger! And of course it was a young man and she was teased for not asking for mouth to mouth.

Who was your speaker?

  During the week, we had Darlene Enns-Dyck as our speaker. She is from Altona Manitoba and is the pastor of the Seeds Church there. She has a husband and two teenaged kids. Dar was very wiling to help out and participate in the wacky activities that we did throughout the week.

What did she speak on during the week?

  Darlene spoke to us on the topic of sexuality and spirituality, and how the church often gets those mixed up.


Guys week


  • What Mountain did you hike?

Our mountain did not have a name, however the area and the trail that we went on was called Vision Quest.

  • First Time?

This was not the first time I’ve climbed a mountain. I’ve climbed a mountain at Banff where the path went super zig-zaggy to the top (unfortunately I’m not aware of the term, sorry fam).

  • Experience?

It was quite a fun time and probably the most intense mountain that I’ve ever climbed, because personally I did not get to the very top. I had gotten to the false summit, and it was still pretty sweet.

  • Who was your Speaker?

Our speaker was Matthew Dyck. We all just called him Matt. He’s a pretty cool guy.

  • What did he speak on during the week?

He spoke a lot about connections to the Bible, from Old Testament and New, as well as sexuality/pornography, and the difference between temptation and trial. He also spoke about dealing with your past and how the Devil affects (or tries to affect) your views on God. He told stories about his family, his past, as well as his struggles. His main point though, was being “created to create”. He lectured us on how we reflect God and we have a different and significant role in the world. For example, God created nature: the land, the gardens, animals, etc. We’ve created planes, buildings, cities, and we’ve learned how to use electricity to our own advantage.

  • What Impacted you the Most?

One of the first things we were told was that we were “created to create”, and then told to repeat it to ourselves. Connected to this, another thing we were told to repeat was “God is for us, not against us”. This hit me pretty hard personally, because at the time I was having some doubts about my beliefs as a Christian person; it also didn’t help that I was having a pretty rough day with an early morning combined with not enough sleep from the night before, as well as being in a community with only men (which for another male, can be very intimidating). So in short, I was having (what seemed at the time) a really rough time just being there. And I was praying something along the lines of, “God, if you’re out there, then it’d be nice if you could stop the bologna that I’m feeling/going through, cause that’d be real nice about now”. Then he says and tells us to say “God is for us, not against us”. Coincidence? I think not. Seems like Divine Intervention to me.

  • Highlight/Funny story of the week?

It’s very easy to say that our group of men can be very odd. To expand on that, one of the strangest—and funniest—moments during the week was one night that we weren’t really doing anything and we were just tired because it was a pretty long day of doing things. So we all just piled on top of each other and started to hum as if we were trying to imitate the sound of a chainsaw or somebody who may be horribly out of key in a song. We ended up trying to harmonize while still humming, but we were raising pitch. We ended up practically screaming, while lying on top of each other—still trying to harmonize. I believe we can all say it was a strangely entertaining night.



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