Semester 1 Highlights

As the first semester of Outtatown comes to a close, our site has spent the past week debriefing all that’s happened since we drove off from CMU 3 months ago. While we pause to remember where we’ve all gone and what we’ve all done, we’re also taking the time to reflect on what we’ve learned this semester, and how that’s impacted us and caused us to grow. Since we’ve all been living, learning, and growing together, it can be hard to identify how we’ve changed individually, and it can be even more challenging to reenter back into our regular lives that haven’t changed in the same ways we have. Our goal is to have a smooth transition back into our lives at home, while continuing to remember all we’ve learned and retaining the growth that has happened within us.

To start off debrief week, we all collaborated to create this timeline to remember all that we’ve done and learned. The colours represent what happened this semester (black), what was good (orange), what was challenging (red), and what we’ve learned (blue). The timeline starts with the adventures of the first Outtatown students arriving in Winnipeg on Saturday, September 10th, the day before registration, and continues all the way until our site’s arrival at Alberta Pioneer Camp on Monday, November 21st to start debrief week. The following week included many sessions from our site leaders on reflection of the semester and reentry into our lives at home, learning about South Africa through songs, research presentations, and movies, information for next semester, and events such as a silent morning, horseback riding, and indoor rock climbing. Our next few days were spent in Canmore, Alberta to go skiing and snowboarding, enjoy a lot of free time together, and say our farewells before traveling home this weekend.


To highlight the amazing experiences so far, each member of the Outtatown South Africa community was asked to share a favourite memory or quote from the first semester:

“The canoe trip and hiking.” -Adam

“Ski days, and ‘I’m not a keeper of time but we are late.'” -Joey

“The sweat lodge at the Roseau River Reserve.” -Alexa

“Lake Louise.” -Alyssa

“The last week in Canmore and Banff: hiking and being out in the mountains was so amazing.” -Amani

“Vancouver free weekend.” -Andrew

“‘For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.’ -Ecclesiastes 3:1,4a,6a,7b. God waits for me and so I shall wait for him.” -Bailey

“Outtatown is like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs it has its parts that can make you scared and nervous but also parts that make you excited and fearless but once you get off it you get right back in line to ride it again because it’s the best roller coaster at the park!” -Ben

“The Vancouver Urban Plunge, particularly holding out free prayer signs and praying for people and also seeing different kinds of poverty among the people in East Hastings and then on the West end.” -Beth

“The canoe trip, Vancouver Urban Plunge, and mudlympics.” -Brianna

“Worship: it was always so great to come together as a big family and praise God.” -Cole

“Harmonized humming in a pile while tired during guys week.” -Daniel

“Listening to God’s Voice week with Steve Klassen, and Leon from East Hastings.” -Danielle

“Sunny pow day at Lake Louise, all the great people, all the great hikes, skiing with friends at Sunshine, learning things, when I saw snow, and worship.” -Eli

“Listening to God’s Voice week with Steve Klassen, and spelunking.” -Hadiya

“Be still.” -Hannah

“Hunny.” -Holly D

“The know yourself days, especially Rianna’s, and seeing the northern lights at Roseau.” -Holly V

“The girls vs guys soccer game at Camp Arnes.” -Jana

“Hikes, spelunking, rock climbing, and generally having fun with the many great people I get to call my friends!” -Jessica

“Grouse Grind and Vision Quest, skiing at Sunshine, making music, free weekend in Vancouver, and teaching the whole group 4-part harmony for Come Walk With Us.” -Jonah

“Climbing mountains and seeing the Northern Lights.” -Josh D

“The canoe trip, Northern Lights, Vision Quest, and the free weekend in Vancouver.” -Josh T

“Spelunking.” -Katie

“Impact day with my PMG.” -Lyds

“#jellysjourneys” -Naomi

“Inspiring.” -Reanne

“All the hikes, including Vision Quest, Grouse Grind, and Hope Mountain.” -Sean

“Let’s get it.” -Sid

“Doing crazy spontaneous stuff with crazy spontaneous people.” -Silas

“Sid’s picture on top of the vans of the Northern Lights.” -Skye

“Steve Klassen, Nathan Regier, Lake Louise, and Banff.” -Tez

“Outtatown has been a great way to get closer to God and gain new friends.” -Tim

“Driving the mini van. #soccermom” -Jannelle

“The girls vs guys keep away game at River’s Edge.” -Julien

“The times of laughter within our community. I love how laughter tears down dividing walls and gives people a sense of commonality. Laughter is a unifying force!” -Justin

“Be at rest once more, oh my soul, for the Lord has been good.” -Rianna





Small group photos from the Christmas banquet at Camp Squeah


One thought on “Semester 1 Highlights

  1. I was keeping it together until I got to the leaders’. Be at rest got me. Miss you all so much!! ❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭

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