Adventure in Simon’s Town

Written by Joey Speers

The week started off exciting as ever as we drove through the Karoo desert. We stayed the night at a retreat centre in the middle of who knows where. The Karoo is known for its beauty come night fall. Billions of stars were visible from the comfort of our porches throughout the night.

P1620441 drone river alberta-2.jpg

The anticipation to get to the Cape region was building and it was incredibly hard to stay patient on the 17-hour bus ride. We arrived in Simon’s Town after two long days of driving.  The penguins that roam the shores of the Indian Ocean greeted us immediately.

P1620475 drone river alberta-2.jpg

That was just the beginning though. The week consisted of a ton more firsts for us as a community. Throughout the week, we students got the opportunity to skydive and paraglide over Cape Town, swim, kayak, paddle board on the ocean, and take a trip to the Cape of Good Hope.

SLR Pic 0073 drone river alberta.jpg

G0018153 drone river alberta.jpg

As I said, this was a big week of firsts for many, so students grew in confidence by pushing their personal limits in terms of comfortability.  As the week went on, we continued to fall in love with the location we were so blessed to be living in. How can you not be in awe when you are surrounded by massive mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, right? We really got a taste of South Africa’s beauty when we took our trip to the Cape of Good Hope. Cape Point is the most South-Western tip of the continent. Personally, this was one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever laid my eyes on.  Mountains and the collide of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans really make Cape Point special.

P1620745 drone river alberta.jpg

The week ended with all of us exhausted. We headed off up the coast to a surf town called Muizenberg for our free weekend.


One thought on “Adventure in Simon’s Town

  1. Dear Joey, thank you so much for sending me the stories from Africa My grandson did this same trip from Outtatown South Africa and I found his stories wonderful too God bless all of you, stay safe and enjoy every second of this trip and, take far too many pictures

    Judy Haig

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