Homestay #2!

Hello again! I’m writing about a homestay again, but this week was spent in Strandfontein. We were split up into smaller groups and went to stay with a coloured family. What a week we’ve had! With several speakers, and activities on the schedule, we were quite busy during the six days we stayed in Strandfontein. I would have to say that the golden point in our hectic week for many of us would be our homestay families. I was in a homestay with three other girls. Our “moms” were two sisters, Joan and Katy. We had an incredible week with them. If we learned anything about coloured culture, it would be that they are very family-oriented, and extremely hospitable. Joan had her granddaughter at their house everyday, and someone – whether it be family or friend- would be visiting everyday. Joan and her sister Katy made us feel so welcome that pretty soon we felt just like family. There was so much that I could take away from our week in Strandfontein, but I know that I will forever remember the people that I met in my homestay.



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