Durban Homestay

By Katie Clements

In Durban we had a full schedule of fun cultural things to do. We went to uShaka Marine Park, so we got to go to an aquarium and a water park which was great because it was a really hot day and the waterslides really helped to cool off. We also went to a museum that was all about the history of the Indian culture in South Africa and how they came to live here because of indentured labour. We also were given a free day with our homestay over the period of time that we were with them. My homestay went ice skating and we were able to teach some of our “sisters” how to skate. We also watched a movie with them and I was able to connect with my homestay family through that. We had plenty of cultural foods, such as bunnychow and curry, which meant a lot of water for me! For most people the spice was not bad but for a few it was a hot weekend both for the food and the weather. I really enjoyed my time in Durban because the conversations were great, the time that we got to spend with the church and the community was well planned, and we had lots of fun. On Sunday we were invited to participate in the service, which meant that we led part of the worship, some students read scripture, and some of us talked to the congregation about things that they noticed about church in South Africa compared to church in Canada. So overall the long weekend in Durban was a great one!


(photos by Alexa Nicolle


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