The Journey is Done

By Bailey Cressman
What a year this has been! From discovering more about the country that I live in, to learning about another, this year has taught us all so much. We’ve had our challenges, but we’ve also had our joys, and I know that for me, the joys by far outweighed the challenges. We will never forget how the past seven months have impacted and shaped us all as individuals and as an entire community. But this is it. Now it’s our time to say goodbye. Thank you to those who have been following us through this journey, for praying for us, and supporting us, we are extremely grateful. God bless!
This is Outtatown, South Africa, 2016/17, signing out.

Amani Amstutz: Outtatown challenged me in the best ways and I got to grow in so many beautiful places- couldn’t be more grateful for this year.



Rianna Isaak: Ubuntu: We are people through other people.



Hadiya Huijer: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” – Joshua 1:9

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Tez Peterson: My favourite part was tanning.


Danielle Brockman: Remember that time we were hit by the Plague?


Eli Melsness: There’s been fun times and challenges and I’ve learned from both.


Adam Neufeld: Outtatown was filled with unforgettable experiences had with amazing friends; whether lazing around humming in a dog pile, hiking up mountains, or serving with people we met along the way.


Alyssa Enns: There’s nothing better than seeing Jesus through the faces of the South Africans.


Jana Enns: This year has been full of adventures. Jumping out of planes, sleeping in caves, waking up way too early to see sunrises, and staying up way too late to watch movies.


Josh Driedger: Outtatown has taught me what it is to love everyone the same no matter who it is.


Daniel Kang: On Outtatown I have experienced firsthand the outcome of poverty, power abuse, community building, deep conversations with friends, etc. Through the adventures I’ve had with this group however, one thing has stayed consistent: God was there. God was present and was not idle in his actions.


Jessica Smith: Outtatown is a journey with highs and lows, fun days and days that kill ya, but all in all it is an adventure full of memories with people you grow to love.

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Beth Verwoerd: I’ve loved experiencing the many culture of South Africa; whether it was through going to a show with my Afrikaner homestay family, attempting to Zulu dance in KwaZulu Natal, trying to eat curry dishes with my hands in Durban, or having a braai with my coloured homestay family in Strandfontein.


Lyds Keesmaat-Welsh: Give us peace when the journey is done.

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Jonah Thiessen: Outtatown is a blast, just do it.


Josh Toews: Traveling through South Africa has been an incredible journey where I learned a lot about God, myself, and the world around me and had many adventures with the group.


Alexa Nicolle: “I laughed; I cried; it moved me Bob.” – Larry the Cucumber


Silas Allen: I am thankful to my community for three things: making it a hoot and a half of a year, helping me grow personally, and helping me grow spiritually.


Brianna Wiebe: Outtatown teaches you as much or more as you want and strive to learn.


Cole Stewart: I went skydiving, bungee jumping, and learned to surf, but the best part of Outtatown, for me was experiencing two beautiful countries and their incredible diversity.


Katie Clements: I had a mind-blowing time in South Africa. The people, the food, and the land are all unique in their own way. God is definitely at work in that place.


Julien Busse: If you boast of your wisdom, you reveal your foolishness. If you speak of your humility, you show off your pride. And if you call yourself godly, you unveil just how far you’ve moved away from Him. This I say, never consider yourself godly, humble, or wise. But seek to become them.


Reanne Regier: Outtatown taught me that I have to put God first and be best friends with Him before anyone. God always comes first. No matter what.


Sean Inglis: Outtatown has been a wild year full of crazy fun experiences that have caused me to grow in many ways.


Holly Vroom: Live until you find a reason to want to live.


Holly Dean: I’m so done. 🙂


Andrew Nakatsuka: 8/10, would do it again.


Hannah Vanderheyden: Collect the good little things. 


Joey Speers: Outtatown gives you an opportunity to destroy what the world says you are and allows you to dig deeper into who Jesus says you are.


Skye Wagenman: You get the best out of this journey when you put your best into it.


Jannelle Dyck: I leave this year filled with awe, wonder, and gratitude. Thanks be to God!


Tim Nauta: Not all heroes wear capes.

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Sid Roth: I found God while on Outtatown which embarked me on a crazy life of faith.


Naomi Wiebe: Outtatown is a program that makes you grow in all areas: emotionally, spiritually, and unfortunately physically (girth-wise).


Justin Eisinga: I never imagined I would travel to South Africa. I never imagined I would jump off a bridge or fall out of an airplane. And I surely never imagined I would be called “surrogate father” by a bunch of young adults. I guess Outtatown is kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.


Ben McIntosh: Safety never takes a holiday.


Bailey Cressman: I have learned more in the seven months of being in Outtatown that I probably would have in five years without doing it.


One thought on “The Journey is Done

  1. We eagerly waited to hear each new story. You’ve all experienced incredible new things. Now, go on in God’s grace, peace and love and continue your new journeys with Him by your side. Blessings to all of you.

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