Welcome to the SA 2017/18 blog!

Helloo South Africa students of 2017-2018! Welcome to this year’s blog! Throughout the year our site will be updating this blog with stories of our journey through Western Canada and South Africa! We are so excited to meet you all this Sunday! We hope this interview will help you to get to know us a little more. If this make us sound awesome that’s fantastic, but if you’re thinking this is kinda lame we can’t wait to meet you to change your mind!

IMG_0130If you’re on a diving board about to jump in, what liquid would you choose to fill the pool with?

Rachael: Sunny D
Chris: tartar sauce and fish sticks
Julien: soft serve ice cream
Jannelle: Pistachio pudding

Highlight of the summer?

Rachael: Visiting Fort Babine first nations in Northern BC especially enjoying some DELICIOUS Bannock over some late night fires that lasted all the way until 9:30.
Chris: Seeing a family of moose swimming across the lake.
Julien: Having a cottage weekend with some friends in Muskoka Ontario and attending three close friends’ weddings.
Jannelle: Making new friends from all over the world while I attended Canadian School of Peace Building at CMU.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Rachael: Pho
Chris: Tartar sauce and fish sticks. Besides that, breakfast for supper.
Julien: Pizza
Jannelle: Nachos and guacamole.

3 words to describe each person (chosen by the other leaders):

Rachael: Too cool, energetic, great dancer
Julien: Exuberant, pensive, bearded
Jannelle: Sensei, sporty, loyal
Chris: Witty, buoyant, punctual (fast-walker)

Favourite piece of clothing:

Julien: My hoodies
Jannelle: Anything I own that’s black or grey
Rachael: My beautiful pink fanny pack!!!
Chris: My waffle cut Long Johns and matching shirt!

What is the most useless things you have packed for Outtatown?

Julien: Whether something is useless or not is a matter of opinion
Rachael: 30 pairs of underwear and socks
Jannelle: My ginormous Starbucks cup that leaks and is very impractical
Chris: My 1980’s road bike

What are you most excited for this year?

Jannelle: Driving the mini van
Rachael: I’m most excited for exciting adventures and meeting new friends
Julien: Meeting up with old friends and making new friends in South Africa
Chris: Meeting all of you new students!!!

Well, that’s all there is to know! Can’t wait to see you all soon!


Much love from the Core Four (Julien, Rachael, Chris, Jannelle)


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