And So It Begins…

SA camping groupSunday morning marked the beginning of this grand adventure of Outtatown. Once we arrived at Manitoba Pioneer Camp Sunday evening, bonding began immediately. We would like to invite you to imagine an evening that involved a massive conga line, star tipping, a muddy game of tug-a-war, and deep talks on the dock; laughter was a significant part of the night!

SA times

The following morning, our team of 29 was split into two groups that each embarked on a four day canoe trip across Shoal Lake, Ontario. We faced fears and pushed our own physical boundaries as we canoed through waves of all shapes and sizes. With each evening spent on a different island, we connected over quick meals around a fire, and icy cold cliff jumping – parents don’t freak out. camping sunsetAdam Regier would like to personally let his mom know that “I’m okay!”. As a result of one very stormy night, which soaked several students, we grew to love the sunny hours of canoeing and sore arms much more. With the devotional theme of the trip being beauty and brokenness, we were able to appreciate the discovery of both, in nature and in our own lives.

“Our group may not have been mellow, but the whole time I felt completely tranquil. There’s something freeing about being in the outdoors with no concept of time whatsoever,” says Emma Martens.

“I learned how to talk about everything and nothing at the same time,” says Mathew Lancaster.

“It was quite the experience to not be hindered by mirrors or showers, which created an attitude of realness amongst the group,” says Alia Dieleman.

SA canoeing again

Once back at the camp, and after EVERYONE had showered (we made sure EVERYONE showered…), we were once again on the road headed towards our next destination: Camp Arnes. These past few days have been an exciting mixture of getting to know the other half of our family, those we didn’t canoe alongside of, and learning how to live in a thriving community. With a lot of laughs we have started our greatly anticipated semester together once again. We are looking forward to a week of instruction from David Ens regarding the Bible and its dilemma. How fortunate are we to be learning about the King of Kings, all day every day?! #universitylife

SA hammock

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” Genesis 1:1

With prayer and in God’s strength, we move forward together.


By Hannah McNeilly

SA canoeing


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