Down to Business

Dave Ens and Blanket Exercise


Class with Dave Ens!

“Lets get down to business…” – Mulan

Getting down to business is something that we have become very familiar with, and yet the business we have dealt with in the past couple weeks has been far from mundane. Despite having fairly structured schedules we have learned how to optimize the time we’ve had together. This past week we began our first instructor sessions, with Dave Ens who spoke about the narrative of the Bible. Dave gave us a different perspective on the ways in which our context affects the way we interpret the Bible, and how in community we can read and look through it. Discussions also ran throughout our group around the beautiful beginnings of our world and the great wonders that God has given us through life.


Group nap times between class

If at this point you are curious as to our whereabouts, we have spent the past few weeks at Camp Arnes in Manitoba. The camp was extraordinarily accommodating and we gained a pretty stellar friendship with our host – shout out to Angus. Outtatown’s connections through this camp set us up for a rad day of service and giving back. Emma Martens spent 6 hours raking; Jesse Patterson spent an eternity slapping grass and spending his time in an existential crisis with a borderline unusable weed whacker – he grew a lot, but unfortunately so did the grass. After the day of work, we were able to all come back together and be re-energized through a night of worship and sharing our passions in life and how God can continue to use us all in unique ways. All in all, the days at Camp Arnes seemed to go by at the astonishing rate of ‘remarkably fast’, from conversations as meaningless as debating the accuracy of calling an unknown meat substance ‘chicken’, to staying up late as fellow believers getting to the core of our faith: every moment helped us grow together and with God.


Eating some breakie at Camp Arnes

We ended our week with learning of residential schools and the very real and current existence of racism in Canada. We all left with hearts longing to spread more of Jesus Christ’s influence into the broken parts of our world; and as Angus said: to “be excellent to each other”. Not just to each other as in our peers strictly within Outtatown itself, but also within the greater world we are about to embark into. Winnipeg, here we come.

With prayer and in God’s strength, we move forward together.

Scribed by Olita Elia, Sarah Martens, and Jesse Patterson


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