Open Ears

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Often in community we have open mouths to communicate our ideas and thoughts with one another; however, this past week we learned the importance of instead opening our ears to what God may be saying to us. An invitation towards a deeper relationship is always extended towards us, and through this we hear the call of transformation – “Come, follow me, and I’ll show you how to fish for people” (Mark 1:17, CEB). God continues to work in and through our lives, but we often question this because we do not know what we are listening to, or for. This past week our speaker Steve Klassen helped open our ears to hear God’s voice through things like: situations, other people, Scripture, reflection, and little “coincidences” that happen throughout our daily lives. 

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“In one of the sessions, Steve lead us through a five minute silent prayer. We were supposed to meditate on a phrase or a piece of scripture, and let that move us and let God speak to each of us through that. I was skeptical participating because there was only five minutes and I put limitations on the time it would take God to speak to me, yet I closed my eyes and tried anyway. “King of my heart” and “He is my song” were the phrases that immediately came to mind and I let myself repeat those over and over in my head.

“Suddenly an image came to mind of me in a small sail boat in the middle of a calm ocean with no land. I instantly began to analyze it, searching for meaning, wondering if this was an image from God. But then I realized I was getting lost in my own thoughts instead of letting God lead me through them. At this realization I stopped my questioning and just focused on the picture. I noticed a big drain open up below and all the water begin to flow out. I was confused, wondering what would happen to a sail boat if there was no water for it to float in, because without the water the boat would become purposeless.

“Then large hands came and took me and just held me. What was I supposed to make of this? What was God trying to communicate to me through these images? I focused once again on the calm water, I think that symbolized that despite the fact that I’m not going through a rough time or anything right now I’m still not relying completely on God; there’s something that I’m holding onto which I find security in instead of finding that security in God. I think the drain symbolizes that I have to let go of it, and when I do God will be right there for me to lean on, take refuge in, and find my strength through. When I let go, God will become the complete king of my heart and He will be my song.” – Sarah Martens 

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Many of us experienced God’s voice throughout the week, and have had some pretty amazing stories that we will take with us. In hearing God’s voice, or even in slipping only to be caught and hearing through the Word that he is there to catch us, we will know that God is there for us to listen. Throughout the remainder of the week I think we gained a better understanding of what listening is, and along the way we spent time within God’s beautiful creation. In this past week we were silent, but we also had some opportunities to be noisy with our small group adventures, and any adventures that we could squeeze in with our free time. A hot commodity was the beautiful lake that we were constantly in awe of, and we had the opportunity to take some awesome watercraft’s out to float and explore. In other words, we were able to explore creation and to explore the capacity we have to listen to God. 

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With prayer and in God’s strength, we move forward together.

Scribed by: Sarah Martens & Olita Elia


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