Together again in South Africa!!

And so begins… our first week reunited as a group. We spent the past five weeks enjoying our time with family and friends, and relaxing over the break. It seemed as if the excitement for our upcoming journey heightened the closer and closer it came to flying into Johannesburg. One of the things we have become accustomed to within the last week is a lot of heat and a constant sweat. This, however, pairs quite nicely with some ridiculously amazing waterfall adventures and hiking up Hiltons (hills/mountains). Friendly faces have really made the transition to South Africa so awesome because they seem to be everywhere since we stepped off the plane. We have gotten a taste of South African culture from being around some amazing people and places, and so far we are itching for more. God brought us together as a group of adventure-seeking individuals, and here we are at the start of potentially one of the greatest adventures we’ll experience.

“ I am definitely excited for the journey we are about to take off on, and I cannot wait for things like the homestays. This week when walking up one of the Hiltons, I tripped a lot on the way up, but the beauty that God showed me was worth every one of those trips. It seemed like God was there to help me reach the peak. Once I got to the top He showed me that no matter how hard the journey is He will always be there to help reach the goals that I set. I was stunned by the beauty of creation at the top, because it was unlike any view that I had experienced before. God is kinda cool like that. ” – David Risi

Although we all may take different perspectives on our experiences during our time here, each and every one is important to the many things we are about to learn, and the influence we will have on one another. So here’s to the beginning!

Scribed by Olita Elia and Gill Greenway


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