Waddling our way through Simon’s Town

When one refers to an adventure a few things may come to mind, swimming with penguins just happened to be a part of the adventure that we had during this past week. Upon our arrival the excitement of being on the coast of Africa gave many of us a breath of fresh air. The views from our waterfront accommodations gave many of us a sense of thankfulness, and wonder at God’s creation. Our schedule roughly consisted of sky diving for many of us, showering in the ocean, and spending time in community. When coming into the Cape Town area we had also become acutely aware of just how scarce the water supply had become. If any of you do not know, Cape Town has been experiencing a drought that has been getting exponentially worse. We were informed months upon arrival, but during our time spent in the area we still had to be constantly mindful of our water consumption, and must continue to do so as we stay in and around the area. Despite the crisis, locals continue to be thankful that we are here; the region depends on tourism. It has been an amazing experience thus far, although many of us are still adjusting to the lifestyle of Outtatown community.


“Living in Community is a very difficult but prosperous experience. I am a person who tends to be able to speak and hang out with everyone comfortably so the “honeymoon phase” of Outtatown was a very exciting part for me. Now in South Africa people need a little more support from closer friends because of distance from home or culture shock, etc. That can go upside down or in a very positive way. I think our group is still trying to figure that out. I can see where our community is still trying to figure it out, however I think that everything takes time and growth and we just have to be patient before we can grow at an exponential rate.”

-Jonah BergIMG_6772

Although the lack of showering, intense heat, and adjustment to the lifestyle and culture here have been hard for some, God has continued to be good to us, and has provided us with opportunities to learn so much about the world around us.

Scribed by: Gil Greenway and Olita Elia

Processed with VSCO with l1 preset


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