That’s all Folks!

Just like that, six crazy and life-changing months are drawing to a close. We spent time at Rocky Valley Retreat Centre this week, the very first place we stayed in South Africa. Our ten days here were full of adventure (including a safari in Pilanesberg National Park), relaxation, and reflection on the last two semesters. All of us shared our testimonies with the group, and identified points of struggle and growth throughout our faith journey this year. Since we all learned from each other’s takeaways, I thought others could too, so I’ve asked some members of the site to reflect on the question:

What is the one of the biggest lessons you learned on Outtatown?

Adam Reiger: God doesn’t work in big ways 99% of the time- you have to look for the ways He is showing Himself instead of expecting Him to reveal Himself to you. Also, how to make good instant coffee.

Emma Martens: get a sweat rag.

Sarah Zwicker: community without grace fails.

Emma Mitchell: God wants to listen, even if I don’t want to talk.

Ty Birrell: communities can always learn to work together.

Emma Hamstra: I can proudly say that I’ve succeeded in not washing my hair for two weeks straight.

Maddy Bogdan: Outtatown has helped me to figure out who I am and how I fit into God’s plan for the world.

Mathew Lancaster: knowing God is a two way relationship.

Katelyn Leischner: I learned how to accept my body odour.

Megan Dueck: throughout Outtatown, I have learned a lot about myself and the ways in which God works in my life. He’s helped me to mature and I know I will be applying the things I’ve learned this year into the rest of my life.

Carrie Hordyk: I’ve learned the importance of community in your spiritual life.

Faith Heinrichs: this trip has changed my life around completely and helped me face so many fears.

Hailey Funk: I can now successfully wear the same shirt for a week without smelling.

Jonah Berg: I’ve become more personal and started thinking deeper about what I’ve experienced and learned.

VeithM_CMUOT17-105 rotatedIMG_0589IMG_8625

Thank you so much for reading the blog this year and going on this journey with us. We’ve all learned so much this year, from grace, to surviving community, to finding joy in difficult moments, and everything in between. Outtatown, and especially the lessons we’ve learned, will stick with us for a long, long time.

Goodbye for now!

Emma Mitchell


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